Mist Spa

“At our mist spa, be prepared to feel rejuvenated after this fabulous treatment. Take this holistic journey to well being where you will slumber into relaxation with a 60-90 minute relaxing full body massage. Restore harmony of body, mind and spirit in a natural surrounding. End your treatment in our relaxation area with some herbal teas and fruit or herb infused water.

Mist Spa provides the following treatments:

  • Nkuringo special; a combination of Swedish massage, hot stone and aroma therapy. Our massage therapist will use the stones as an extension of their hands in the massage and the direct deep penetrating heat relaxes your muscles.
  • Serenity massage; Deep tissue aromatherapy. This massage focuses on your tired and aching muscles, and also looks to release energy blockages in your chakras to clear your emotional aches as well.
  • Deep tissue fusion; Skillful slow, deliberate stroke movements performed with the hands and target aches and pains from spending your day tracking gorillas.
  • Aromatherapy; therapeutic aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, each with its own properties to calm, energies, cleanse or decongest. This treatment can release anxiety and stress, and induce relaxation.
  • Reflexology; Firm but smooth strokes will alleviate tension caused by all that walking
  • Soothing hot stone massage; Hot stones can be quite soothing and relaxing as they transmit heat deep into the body.
  • Hot towel Treatment; The hot sensation makes your muscles more pliable and brings on a feeling of ease.
  • Relaxing Swedish full body massage; Allow your body to relax under our touch and let us work our magic
  • Head, back, feet gentle massage and pressure-points stimulation; to locate areas of blocked energy, relaxing, stimulating and holistically healing.
  • Head, neck, shoulder; Pressure points of the scalp, neck and shoulders are stimulated to relieve tightness and promote relaxation.
  • Virunga special; lose yourself in this relaxing signature treatment. We provide an exfoliating body scrub, followed by a soothing mist spa signature massage with sensual essential oils.

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