Our Location

Magical Location

Southwestern Uganda is well-known for its unrivaled natural beauty. Pristine jungles, spectacular waterbodies, mountainous landscapes, coupled with vast cultivated steep fields and imposing mountain peaks — you name it! What’s more – at Nkuringo you can actually enjoy these gorgeous landscape views from the comfort of our villas!

Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge is located in the southwestern corner of Uganda. The lodge is perched on the Nteko Ridge at 2,161 meters (7,090 ft) altidude projecting over the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest swathe and beyond the highlants to the imposing summits of the Virunga mountains chain.

The lodge hase a great vantage point to access both trailheads in the Bwindi southern sector. Visitors walk only 5 minutes to the Uganda Wildlife Authority trailhead at Nkuringo to start their daily gorilla trekking excursions into the misty Bwindi Jungle. Alternatively, visitors drive 30 minutes to Rushaga sector, another trailhead for gorilla trekking in the south of Bwindi.

The Virunga Mountains

Panoramic Views

Nothing is more comforting than lounging your heart away on a laid-back seat overlooking the uniformly terraced hills outlined by the view of mountain peaks guarding from afar. Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge is a green haven where your wildest romantic dreams come true. Its gorgeous vacation villas are surrounded by panoramic natural wonders; ranging from terraced steep valleys, rainforest to evergreen hills. Here, you can rest while being completely guarded by mother nature.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Charming Forest Views

The Lodge is located 2160m ASL on the Nteko Ridge overlooking a beautiful swath of the world’s renowned Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to half of the World’s remaining endangered Mountain Gorillas. The Ridge provides a superb vantage across the Kashasha river valley to the forested hill known as ‘Nkuringo” and the surrounding plethora of trees of Bwindi Forest.

When you book into the garden family villas, your sitting area will be facing into the misty rainforest canopy. When you sit at the balcony, there is a serene and settled majesty to the forest's scenery that enters into the soul, delights, elevates, and fills it with noble inclinations.

Local Communities & Cultures

Encounter The Batwa People

Encounter the Batwa people (the hunter-gathers, who originally lived in Bwindi Forest) learn about the local community in Nkuringo, visiting schools, local markets, coffee and tea plantations and our projects that support their hearty transition into the modern lifestyle. Venture across the beautiful Lake Mutanda in traditional dugout canoes, Hike across Bwindi forest; and, for more active, trek the magnificent Virunga Volcanoes.