Menus curated by
in-house chef

From leisurely breakfasts and packed lunches to three-course lunches, four-course dinners, and creative cocktails, each of our inclusive meals showcases local cuisine in a truly remote gourmet experience.

Overlooking mountain forests, enjoy an intimate dining experience with the freshest home-grown ingredients. We offer meals from the Ugandan heartland, with our kitchen tailoring daily menus to suit your individual tastes and preferences. You'll find delicious, comforting dishes inspired by Africa's diverse culinary culture in our restaurant or on the sunny outdoor terrace.

An evocative setting for your meal, the Dining Room makes the most of the immersive greenery surrounding the lodge. The light spills through the floor-ceiling glass windows by day, warming the space with a natural glow. The crackling fireplace creates a cozy ambiance in the evening, drawing you in to share stories with fellow guests about your wild and wonderful day.


African Bar

Soak up stunning views of the jungle’s edge as you sip your favourite drink on our rainforest bar.

Free Coffee/Tea

Experience an authentic Ugandan tea ceremony in our graceful Tea Lounge, pairing local brews with decadent African pastries.

A taste of Uganda

Opening times:
7:00am to 10:00pm

Home-style dishes with a fine dining aesthetic

Your meals are personalised by our Chefs. Creating delicious recipes that showcase harvests from the carefully tended kitchen garden, they will thoughtfully cater to your tastes.